Our services deal with everything that has to do with cross-language communication, independently of the medium: written texts, speech, film dialogues, songs…
Different languages are covered according to the type of service. We mainly work with the languages listed below, but you can ask for any other language pair you need.

  • Italian
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • French
  • Portuguese
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A quality translation will not only convey words into the target language, but will encompass all the nuances of meaning that can be transferred from the original text, as well as connotations and cultural implications from the original message.

Language Courses

LST provides language courses in the form of individual classes and group lessons. The main languages our service is focused on are Italian, English, and Spanish. Other courses are going to be provided according to our client’s needs.

English for Enterprises

LST works with companies to ensure that their staff can develop language skills, both general and specific. English courses for companies cover different programs:general english, business english and laboratory.

English Training for Music Purposes

Inspired by a long-standing tradition in American labels, LST provides the service of English training for the music industry. The need for this is primarily motivated by a strong interest in and sensitivity towards music on the part of the founders of LST, as well as previous experience in the field.

Audio-visual translation (Dubbing and Subtitling)

This is a service that provides the ability to obtain transcripts and translations of videos: films, documentaries, news reports, private videos. The aim of film translation is to reproduce spontaneous dialogues in a way that the viewers can empathize with the characters on the screen and get involved.

Customize your course: courses structured according to specific needs

Customize your Course is a service that gives the customer the possibility to calibrate the courses according to his/her needs. This means that you can specify the key themes of interest that you want to be focused on during the classes.

HR & Cross – Cultural Communication for Business

This is a course that comes from the experience of working with public universities. HR & CCC is a course dedicated to companies (and all those who deal with economics, management and international relations) that are concerned with Human Resources and Intercultural Communication for economic purposes.
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