English Training for Music Purposes

English Language Training for the music industry

Inspired by a long-standing tradition in American labels, LST provides the service of English training for the music industry. The need for this is primarily motivated by a strong interest in and sensitivity towards music on the part of the founders of LST, as well as previous experience in the field.

I would say : There are many cases in the non-Anglophone music scene where artists are unable to effectively communicate their lyrics due to broken pronunciation. While they may be very musically talented, if the ability to convey thoughts through lyrics is broken, the song may lack something for the trained English ear.

The goal of the English Training for Music Purposes is to assist non English-speaking singers with pronunciation issues and with writing the lyrics. The service may be utilized for the entire duration of the recordings in the studio or at regular intervals (e.g. every month).
Having been designed just for the music industry, ETFMP does not provide language lessons in a canonical form, but targeted exercises. For example, taking into account the specific elements of musical composition, such as metrics, rhyme, music genre (yes, each genre has its own lexicon), and so on.

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