English for Enterprises

LST works with companies to ensure that their staff can develop language skills, both general and specific. English courses for companies cover different programs:

  • General English: involves the development of a general knowledge of the language through structured exercises for the training of language skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking). It also includes classes that focus on grammar and the use of vocabulary.
  • Business English is about English used in special working environments. Vocabulary is calibrated according to the area of interest, say, metallurgic manufacturing, carpentry, food industry, and so on. It does not ignore general aspects or general use of language (grammar and vocabulary), but these do not constitute the core of the course, as it would be in the case of a course of General English (see above).
  • Laboratory: designed to enable learners to develop secondary, but not less important, skills: writing e-mails and business reports, structuring power point presentations, becoming familiar with presenting content during conferences, etc.
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