Audio-visual translation: problems and solutions for Dubbing and Subtitling

This is a service that provides the ability to obtain transcripts and translations of videos: films, documentaries, news reports, private videos.The aim of film translation is to reproduce spontaneous dialogues in a way that the viewers can empathize with the characters on the screen and get involved.

To achieve the goal of spontaneity, audiovisual dialogue uses strategies such as repetitions, suspended sentences, pragmatic markers, marks of orality and so on. What we propose in the field of audiovisual translation is a sensitive approach that involves a certain knowledge, not only of language specificities, but also of the cultural implications involved.

It is important to transfer all of the features correctly if you hope to give your audience the entire picture. Transferring correctly all the features to the target text is not a job that can be carried out by any kind of translator if you want to get a communicatively successful final product.

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