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The philosophy underlying LST arises from the disappointing language teaching methods spread all over the academic world. Our desire is to optimize the learning times and the quality of the final result.
LST is the product of our personal experience. It starts from the realization that a lot of time ends up being actually lost trying to learn concepts and rules in class that we would never be able to use outside.

We asked ourselves: What can we do to change that? Let’s do it ourselves, trying to re-use and recycle at most all the knowledge and experience we piled up over the years.
The background we start from is that of linguistics, but, breaking with the tradition, we include the most recent studies in cognitive psychology and neurobiology of learning, which have questioned traditional teaching methods. We propose a new approach guided by latest scientific findings on learning a language.

Some might be surprised, someone else might puzzle over the idea of non-conventional teaching methods, but the results will be rewarding.
Language is a dynamic process that needs to be both employed and, consequently, assimilated. It can be compared, for some aspects, to learning to ride a bike or drive a car. And as we all know, learning to do something, as well as learning to speak a language takes time. There is no language that can be learnt in a month or so. Do not believe who says that.

Why Choose LST?

LST offers a host of other services other than language classes: translations, seminars, ‘unconventional’ classes organized around specific topics, projects and so on.
All of these initiatives require an active use of the knowledge activated in the classroom, and contribute to the strengthening of a type of education and training that do not intend to be only linguistic, but also practical, and cognitive (as concerning the ability to analyze or critique, and to be socially interactive). This is what we call long-term learning.

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  • All English levels
  • Language courses tailored to each student’s specific needs
  • English classes for professionals, managers and companies
  • Improve grammar, fluency, pronunciation and understanding
  • Expanding Vocabulary
  • Conversation
  • Gain confidence
  • Exam Preparation


Alessia LENTO

CEO - Founder

A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary” [Thomas Carruthers]

Liviana Galiano

CEO - Founder

“Language is, as it were, the external manifestation of the minds of peoples. Their language is their soul, and their soul is their language. It is impossible to conceive them ever sufficiently identical…” [Wilhelm von Humboldt]

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